Friday, December 12, 2008

Cairo, Egypt

I totally unexpectedly received this card, but im very glad i did, coz its simply lovely :)

As the sender of the card says, here you can see the bride which connects Cairo and Giza, or as the sender says, between where the most famous Islamic areas all over Africa are, and where the pyramids lay...It is considered the largest bridge crossing the Nile in length, width and wideness of navigation spans.
It has 6 inlet and 6 outlet ramps. The length of the bridge is 2km and its width is 42m.

Did you know that "Cairo" actually means "The Triumphant" and that apart from being Africa's most populous, and Arab World's largest city, it is also known as the "City which never sleeps"..

well, i dont know about Cairo, but i am in constant need of sleep...its unbelivable how terribly tired i feel in general :(

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