Friday, November 14, 2008

Turkey (04)

I would really be grateful if ANYONE could help me define this postcard....the only thing thats written on the back says: "Hurşit Şah'i maiyyetiyle gösteren minyatür"
I suppose it represents some kind of an event or tradition in Turkey...but i would really really love to actually know what it is, so if anyone from Turkey or familiar with Turkish and the Turkish culture is reading this, can you PLEASE give me some more details about whats on the postcard?
Thank you a LOT in advance!!


Tijen said...

Hi Ana,
It says Hursit Sah (Sah is like the king) and his officers. It's hard to say what it is but I can see it involves many things all at once, a game hunting scene and some meetings. I wish I could say more!

Ana said...

thanks Tijen :))))

sokakkedisi said...

Hi Ana,

I am a new postcrossing member and I found your blog coincidentally. On this card, there is a Shah which means a religious leader with his supporters. Miniature art was so popular in Ottoman Period. I hope this explanation helps =)


Ana said...

Hi Deniz!

thanks a lot for dropping by and for the comment! It does help me understand better what the whole image represents!

regards to you!