Saturday, November 8, 2008


Here is a multiview from Slovakia, showing numerous different castles...

I only have had 2 Slovakian cards before receiving this i have 9 :) (this one came along with 6 other beautiful Slovakian'll get to see them one at a time..)

More than 300 castles – many only evocative ruins dot the landscape throughout Slovakia. These fortified places that often sheltered entire towns from rapacious invaders are poignant reminders of the perils of times past.
It’s not surprising, then, that there are so many castles in Slovakia, which stands at the crossroads of cultures, religions and conquerors
There are two words for castle in Slovak: "hrad", which connotes defensive, fortified structures, and "zamok’, signifying palaces, chateaux or manor houses, built in more peaceful times by nobles and royals as luxurious homes or hunting lodges in place of the cold, drafty castles of yore
This is interesting, coz the Macedonian word for 'a castle' is also 'zamok'...its always fun to see how words in one language have the same meaning in another one...well, having in mind these are both Slavic languages, it aint a surprise..but still :)

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