Saturday, November 1, 2008

Penglai Fairyland, China

This is an official from China, which travelled to me for exactly 98 days....i think that its sender was rather delighted when i had registered least, i know i would be :)


This is the  Penglai Fairyland, which is one of the four famous collections of ancient temples in China.
Penglai is one of the three supernatural mountains inhabited by immortals. The other two are Yingzhou and Fangzhang, which were frequently visited for wonder herbs by emperors since Qin and Han dynasties. The famous legend of Eight Immortals crossing the sea finds its origin here. It is said that the eight immortals got drunk at Penglai Pavilion and crossed the sea by different tricks of their own without ships or boats. Their performance hovering over the waves against wind left a popular saying that “like the Eight Immortals crossing the sea, each one showing his or her special feats; each tries to outwit the other.” 

interesting...I like mythology so it was really nice to get to learn about this...


Gone with postcrads said...

I have never been to Penglai and I hope to visit it soon~~

Dick Van Gelder said...

More information and pictures about Penglai at this blog: