Monday, November 3, 2008

Orkney, Scotland

You know, at first glance, this one and the Montana card above, would seem as if its the same place, Montana at sunset this one during the day...

Orkney is an archipelago in northern Scotland situated 16km north of the coast of Caithness. comprises over 70 islands; around 20 are inhabited.

You know...i know its a shame, but just now I realized that this is a UNESCO site!!! Thats what happens when i dont google once i receive the card but once im about to post it...and should i mention sometimes it takes months before  I actually manage to post a card?!! Due to my 'technique and rules' of posting.

So, what we have here is actually the Ring of Brogar, which is a part of the Neolithic Orkney, that was inscribed as a UNESCO whs in 1999.
The Ring of Brogar is a Neolithic henge and a stone circle. The ring of stones stands on a small ishtmus between the Loch of Stenness and Harray. he centre of the circle has never been excavated by archaeologists and scientifically dated; the monument's age remains uncertain. However, it is generally thought to have been erected between 2500 BC and 2000 BC, and was, therefore, the last of the great Neolithic monuments built on the Ness.
The circle is 104 metres in diameter, and the third largest in the British Isles. he henge originally comprised 60 stones, of which only 27 remained standing at the end of the 20th century. The stones are set within a circular ditch up to 3 metres deep and 9 metres wide that was carved out of the solid bedrock by the ancient residents.

Ok...i really think i should run away in shame now...for not knowing what I actually if it was the first time this happens actually

*blushes and runs away in shame*

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