Sunday, November 23, 2008

Munich, Germany

Some time ago I told you that I started with German classes, and i promised that with my next German card, ill give you and update of my progress...well, here we are....

I have to say for starters that i really have the desire to learn this once and for all, so thats why regardless of how tired i have been or had things to do, so far i hadnt missed a single class....coz if i do, i know it would be really difficult to catch up with it, mainly coz im still learning the basics, and what matters when learning a language is to get a good thats why ive been trying to be as regular as possible.
Now, my improvement...well, i have to say im really pleased with myself...i know i could do even better if i was able to dedicate some more time to it....but with whati it is, i think im doing pretty well...last Friday we did a small test and i love the outcome...especially since i was drop dead tired, and since i had no idea we would have a test, so i didnt revise anything...and my teacher's comment is as its shown on the following image :))))

Yup, i had to brag a little about it and share it with you...i dont get such comments daily :))
My greatest problem in general is learning the articles, and the plural...and that is related to other grammar parts...but i think ill manage and will learn it well eventually :)
You want me to tell you something in German? Ok :)))

Ich bin gut, aber ich arbeite viel und ich bin sehr müde...ich möchte schlafen, aber ich habe keine Zeit....ich möchte fahren aber ich habe kein Geld....mein Kater ist hübsch und ißt er ist Herbst und zu kalt....ich fühle allein...ich sammel Postkarten....das Wetter ist scheußlich....ich trinke Kaffe...ich liebe Kaffe, ich müsse arbeiten....auf wieder lesen :)

ok, dont seek for sense...I just wrote whatever came to my mind...but to be honest, i am in a phase where i LOVE making phrases/sentences in German, or trying to figure out the context of some German songs....:)))
I know grammar mistakes are inevitable, but i think that for the most part, i did it right ;-)


edddim said...

Milam deka toa na Germanski bese odlicno! :-)

Gone with postcrads said...

It means" very good" or "wonderful"~~

edddim said...

Odlicno ... vollkommen(Groß/Super/Außergewöhnlich).

水。 , 水 , 給...澆水,灌溉 --> 沒有經濟上的困難 .

Ana said...

ej, fala mislenjeto :) A i ete mi nov zbor za mein Wortschatz...t.e dva...vollkommen i Außergewöhnlich :)

a ona in Chinese, ke treba nekoj od vas dvajca da mi go prevede...ako moze :)

u sekoj slucaj, pozdrav!