Saturday, November 8, 2008

Mae Hong Son, Thailand

Before I get down to the actual update, a few things first....

for starters, im sorry for the lack of any new stuff here lately...or better said, for almost a week....time has been my worst enemy lately, and doesnt leave me the chance to do much other stuff....and with the very little time i may have, in general i feel so tired, and so emotionally down that i just cant get into doing know, its like when you feel that the whole aura around you is just pitch dark and you cant make a simple conversation with anyone...when you just feel out of your element...i still feel like that aint nice....thank God its the weekend....even though i have a pile of work to do...i just cant...i even need to clean my room, its a terrible mess....but later...first here...with my morning coffee...
Second...I know I owe a BUNCH of you an email, a message or any sort of notification for a received postcard..or simply a mail/message for whatever else it was needed...there is a great chance that i have received it during this past week, but just havent had the time to notify you, or couldnt compose a decent message to send it to you...really, when i feel like this, im way too lousy for any sort of communication in 99% of the i hope you'd understand and wont be mad with me or anything if i hadnt mailed you/meesaged you or whatever i needed to me, its not on purpose nor due to recklessness...its just..well, life...thank you in advance for the understanding...and im sorry things like this have to happen in the first place...I promise, once i finish with this update, and clean the mess around a bit, ill get down to the messages...

Well, lets get down to some cards....i have to say that another reason which influenced my update here as well, is the lack of new countries...not 'new' as in 'i dont have them in my collection', but 'new' as in 'no postcards from a place i havent posted a card for a while from'...and due to my 'invented system' of posting cards, it had been a problem lately of how to combine stuff and what to post....but a system with rules is a system with rules and needs to be obeyed...:)

The first card for today comes from Thailand, and shows Mae Hong know, the atmosphere on the card represents the atmosphere inside me right wonder i so much love it :)))
The card shows a morning mist in the rice field....cant you actually feel the humidity and the sound of the know...the drops on the leaves and the grass...and the chilly breeze in the air? I can totally feel all that while looking at the card!
Mae Hong Son is also known as The City of Three Mists, and is nestled in a deep valley hemmed in by high mountain ranges. It  has long been isolated from the outside world. It is the most mountainous province in Thailand and composed of a total of 13, 814 square kilometers. It is virtually covered with mist throughout the year, the name refers to the fact that this terrain is highly suitable for the training of elephants.

Definitely a place id love to visit if i have the looks so much like...well, me. :)

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