Friday, October 24, 2008

Vormsi Lighthouse, Estonia

today Ill have a nice short but thematic update...and the theme is "lighthouses"!!
I could have actually spared that Dutch lighthouse as well, but back then i didnt have the cards im gonna post today (i just had one actually) so it didnt even occur to me to make a thematic update...but now that i thought of it, i feel somewhat proud of myself :-)

The first ABSOLUTELY gorgeous card, comes from Estonia and an enormous Thank You to Janek for choosing such a perfect card...a lighthouse, on a blue background!!
Thank You Thank You Thank You Janek....this card is a real delight :)))
yeah well...i have a soft spot for lighthouses and for the blue colour, so when you combine these two, its like a double dosage of perfection :)
ok, before i go into an endless rant...lets get down to the postcard actually

it has a small text on the background, so apart from the fact it spares me to google for info, i feel as if the info personally belongs to the card, so feels more than appropriate to be put here....regardless how short or long the info on the back of the cards is, i prefer to put that, instead a googled info...

Vormsi Lighthuse, on the Vormsi Island, Estonia.
Height from bottom 24m, light altitude 27m
The cast-iron tower (1871), prefabricated in Lithuania, replaced a tower manufactured in England in 1864

aaaaannndddd...the same is given in Estonian, so here is the thrilling challenge :)))

Vormsi Tuletorn, Vormsi saarel
59°01, 65′ N 23°07,05′ E
Kõrgus jalamist 24m, tule kõrgus merepinnast 27m
Algselt 1864. aastal Inglismaalt tellitud torn vahetati kümmekonna aasta pärast välja Leedus valmistatud malmtuletorni vastu.

mmmm, i think i got to learn some Estonian words today, if i got them right
'saarel'  means 'island'
'tuletorn' means lighthouse
'torn' means 'tower'

im just not sure, but I think that Inglismaalt and Leedus, mean England and Lithuania, respectively...or have I just said the greatest nonsense ever?


Sabrina said...

I don't get over the word tuletorn, that is so cute!! <3

Gone with postcrads said...

I also prefer "lighthouse", especially on stamps~~