Friday, October 24, 2008

The Spanish Lighthouses, Puerto Rico

This one came from Addis as a total surprise....

It shows some of the old Spanish Lighhouses that surround the entire island of Puerto Rico
Addis says that on the whole there are 14 or 15 lighthouses in Puerto Rico
the ones that are shown on the card are:

- Cabo Rojo (Los Morillos, 1882)
- Vieques (Punta Mulas, 1896)
- Maunabo (Punta Tuna, 1892)
- Arecibo (Punta Morillo, 1898)
- Fajardo (Cabo San Juan, 1880)
- Rincón (Punta Higuero, 1922)
- San Juan (El Morro, 1908)

Thanks so much Addis for this great card and for contributing to my collection of lighouses

Well, that would be all for looking forward to the weekend and see how it goes....i hope this bad mood im in, will soon go away....till next time...

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