Wednesday, October 8, 2008

South Korea

Hey...hope you didnt get confused with the 'updated' layout...well it aint much of an update, but i think it was about time that got a bit refreshed and did feel somewhat empty at how it was....not that right now its something spectacular....but at least i started from i'll hopefully do some slight changes every now and then in the future...

Mmmmm....i really like this card...coz the event taking place is set in a snowy atmosphere....the bright colours of the clothes contrasted to the white snow give some special feeling

The people on the card are gathered around something which is called "A Good Fortune Mesh Dipper".
Well, its name may suggest what it actually is...but when i typed "good fortune mesh dipper" into google, it didnt give me any results...except a flickr gallery with the actual postcard....from the person from whom i had received this card in the first place :)
So we'll go with some word by word analysis...and come up with something
the "good fortune" of course, suggests that its something used in order to acquire good fortune to follow you, good health, happines, wealth, love etc etc....
Now, I encountered a problem with the 'mesh dipper' coz as a phrase it aint given in any thesaurus/dictionary
well, 'a mesh' is "any knit, woven, or knotted fabric of open texture"
a dipper, on the other hand may mean:

1. a person or thing that dips.
2.a cuplike container with a long handle, used for dipping liquids.

so, if you combine it all, it maks some kind of a woven container, which has i guess, some kind of times (food or objects, i dont know) which are handed out to people, and thats supposed to bring you luck throughout the year...right? wrong?
if anyone can give me an EXACT explanation and definition of this, id be thankful...maybe someone who had actually seen one or witness a situation as the one on the postcard?


Gabby Girl said...

I finally got some photo albums, and started organizing my postcards by country. I think I have 18 countries now. I wonder how many more different countries I can get by years end.

blah said...
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blah said...

Hello, that dipper is actually a strainer. It's called "bokjori" (that Korean word on the left). You can read the explanation here: