Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sofia, Bulgaria

I have no idea how old exactly this card is...but its old...there is no date on it...its unwritten, so i cant determine its age...I even have no idea how it had ended up in my collection, but according to some guesses, i think its from my late grandmother...or from my mum..I have a relative, who lived in Bulgaria, then moved to the US, and as for now, as far as i know, he comes and goes....but ive never met him, though we had tried to arrange it several times..
I could go into some stories now...but since i cant confirm the origin of this card, i dont actually find it appropriate to tella story, which aint actually related to the postcard

So, ill just tell you. that on the card you can see the city centre of Sofia...or how it looked back in time, when this picture was taken...

ahhhh, keep your fingers crossed for me that i do go to Sofia the 18th May next year....id give anything to go there then and attend what i want to attend...not telling ahead...coz i have no idea what the chances are of it to happen..but man, id be sooo damn happy if it comes true...

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