Saturday, October 18, 2008

Moscow Metro Station, Russia

I got these 3 cards in a lottery...they show the interrior of the subway in Moscow....I cant say anything else except that the interior is way too beautiful...

The Subway in Moscow is the world's second most-heavily used rapid transit system. Opened in 1935, it is well known for the ornate design of many of its stations which contain outstanding examples of socialist realist art.

This is the vestibule of the metro station "Mayakovskaya", 1938
This station is on the Zamoskovretskaya Line and is considered to be one of the most beautiful in the system.It is one of the finest examples of pre-World War II Stalinist Architecture making it one of the most famous Metro stations in the world.

 This is the vestibule of the metro station "Novoslobodskaya", 1952. It is a station on the Koltesvaya line. Opened on 30 January, 1952 as part of the second stage of the line, it is one of the most famous stations on the system for its unique stained glass decoration.
I think that out of the three, I love this station the most :)
The last of the cards shows the vestibule of the station "Komsomolskaya-Koltsevaya" (in the circular line), 1952.
The Komsomolskaya station is the is the most famous of all those on the Koltesvaya line and of the whole system, and an icon of Moscow itself, partly due to it being located on Moscow's busiest transport hub Komsomolskaya square which serves three railway terminals. As such the station's connotation is of a gateway to Moscow and to the rest of Russia, and its theme is of the patriotic history and inspiring future of the nation. It was opened on 30 January, 1952, as part of the second stage of the Ring line.

In my PC i have an entire folder of pictures from the Moscow subway....all of them magnificent...its soooo great to have some postcards as well, and actually get to know the name of the stations on the pictures and read something more about them.

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anasty said...

hehe:) i am always amused to see foreigners in the underground taking photos and staring around. I never send underground postcards because i find them ordinary. Now i see i was wrong:)

while i'm in the underground, i don't notice all this magnificence, i'm just trying to save my life, because it's terribly crowded! :D

two of these stations i use every day..twice a day. These are Novoslobodskaya and Komsomolskaya.