Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Milano, Italy

A card from my friend Kate...well, the things with her are status quo compared to the last postcard i had related to her...so nothing new to talk about...

the card here shows the Sforzesco Castle in Milan...it houses several of the city's museum and art gallery collections.
The original construction on the site began in the 14th century by Francesco Sforza nd it was further modified by later generations.
The castle was severely damaged as a result of the allied bombardment of Milan in 1943 during World War II
The best known of the current civic museums is the Pinacoteca del Castello Sforzesco with an art collection which includes Michelangelo's last sculpture, Mantegna;s Trivulzio Madonna and  da Vinci;s Codex Trivulzianus manuscript.

Never read the "Da Vinci Code" book....never had the urge for it...really dont know what should it take so I change my mind and read it actually :)


Martinha said...

This is the image i could see when i was waiting for the tram in Milan 3 years ago. Now, i'm just wondering why i don't have a decent picture of this castle? Maybe, that's because, while i was waitinf for the tram i was doing something funny with my friends, like playing in the snow.
Milan is on my list of cities i need to visit again.

Anonymous said...

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