Thursday, October 23, 2008

Melbourne, Australia

This is from my friend Biljana, from her trip to Australia in 2000....she has relatives both there and in Canada, and of course brought me cards...

The back of the card just says "Twilight over Melbourne" description of what those buldings actually are.

btw, yesterday she said that she is due to be very soon, that is next week....yup yup yup...she is going to have a baby girl....hahhahaa, i got so excited to know that she is finally counting the last days....I still havent gotten anything for the baby, and I had this idea of getting her some nice winter clothes and accessories...i just need to find some spare time and have a look at whats around stores...and find something which is actually appropriate for a new-born....hope i wont make some clumsy mistake :D

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