Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Copenhagen, Denmark

I sometimes really regret not having paid attention when and how i had received certain cards and who actually sent them to me or who gave them to me or whatever...well, this is one of them...its origin is totally unknown to me...though I can make a number of guesses but I have no idea which one is right...

Anyway, the back of the card names the things you can see on the pictures, and here is what it says:

Den lille Havfrue

well, I hope you understood it...the only one I can totally understand is Tivoli...the rest, i can guess from the pictures what they actually may mean

anyway, whenever I think of Copenhagen, i think of cycling, and the thing that frustrates me most right now is that my bike keeps having problems with the tyres..and its always out of order...and its really annoying coz for me its like my basic means of transport, and now im left without it and i have to walk everywhere, which takes 5 times more time than when i would be using my bike...we really should have bikes for rent here for a very cheap price so i could afford it on long-terms..

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