Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bonne Chance

I wonder if owning this card would bring me some luck :)

I think that all the good-luck charms are placed here...well, ok, i didnt know the lady bugs were considered a good luck Macedonia, if you catch a lady bug, you need to let it go, so it can bring you guests to your house...
as for the four-leaf clover...i dont recall i have ever found one...even though ive clovers in my garden almost all my life...most of them are either with three or five leaves...
the horseshoe...yeah, ive heard of it...I used to have a silver necklace accessory in the shape of a horseshoe, but i have no idea where it is now
my grandmother had a horseshoe on her wall...i dont think it was of any use actually
and the dices...hmm, im trying to recall any relation to good-luck-charm in dices...i know that throwing a seven was a winning combination...probably since the 6 is the highest, and throwing two 6's gives you great chances in those board games, is why they are lucky...though im not just giving a wild guess here

however, it depends on how superstitious you are in order to believe these things...i used to be VERY superstitious...right now im mainly avoiding crossing under the ladder, picking up scissors ive dropped or black cats crossing my way...though thats somewhat hard, since my cat is befriended with a pitch black cat, which often visists our unless I have the ability to fly, its impossible to avoid him crossing your way :)

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