Monday, September 15, 2008

Washington, USA

This is the last of the set of 5 lighthouses Addis sent me...

It shows the Grays Harbour Lighthouse.......At 107 feet, Grays Harbour Lighthouse - also known as Westport Lighthouse - is the tallest lighthouse in the state of Washington and one of the tallest on the Pacific Coast. Dedicated in 1898, this white octagonal tower and its two oil houses continue to mark the harbour entrance.


and the stamps, of course....just that with this new Blogger version i somehow stuggle with the size/placement of the the other version, i struggled with other stuff, now those things are fixed but some other issues have popped out...well, at least here are the stamps :))

Hahahhahahahaaaaaa...believe it or not, just as i was making this post, i got a call....for some more work to be done...aaaaaghhhhhh....well, at least i got a nice deadline, so i may be able to enjoy making updates here as well (yup, i do enjoy doing this indeed)...i just still havent seen the actual document....some seem as science fiction, for which neither the rest of your life would be enough to make them right...oh well, wish me luck, and keep dropping by...thank you :)

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