Monday, September 1, 2008

Utah, USA

Im slowly, but certainly making a nice progress in getting map least from the US states...apart from the already published...i still have...hmmm, 2 or 3 more ;-))

Lets see what Utah has to say....

State Capitol: Salt Lake City
Settled by: Mormon Pioneers
Entered the Union as: 45th state, Jan. 4 1896
Area in Square Miles: 84.916
Population: approx. 1,200,000
Nickname: The Beehive State

You've probably noticed that i dont always include the same information about map cards...that is coz i actually write down the info which is on the back of the cards and they are not always the addition i may add something else

The state's motto is: Industry (?!)

I couldnt find why thats the state;s motto, i guess someone living in Utah could hop in here, but regarding the state;s nickname, it says that during the settlement period, a certain Mr. Young, had an expansionist's view of the territory he and the Mormon pioneers were settling, calling it Deseret - which church founder Smith had taught meant "honeybee" - hence the beehive which can still be found on the Utah flag.

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