Saturday, September 27, 2008

Puerto Rico (02)

Here is a really really nice map card sent to me as a surprise by Addis...well, ok...technically it may not be called a surprise since Addis already said she was gonna find one to send it to me, but still...its not as if i had arranged explicitely for it is a surprise :))
Thank you Addis for all the surprise cards you had sent me so far (and there are a lot)...I just hope that something that had been sent your way had arrived also and made you smile as well :)

I absolutely love this map coz its soooo colourful and picturesque and...its on a blue background!!! Well....ok....its Puerto Rico...its surrounded by water, actually, so its normal to have a blue background....but even that blue colour is just sooo nice :))
Those fruits in the top left corner, the palms at the bottom and the barrel of wine just make the card really really exotic!
Im not sure what the buildings exactly represent, they probably are something significant in their place/city, but i just cant tell why...
There is one place, its at the top, just right under the girl who is sunbathing, it is called me it sounds like small Barcelona :))))

You know, Puerto Rico is definitely definitely one of the places i would love to visit one day!

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Gone with postcrads said...

hi,today I came home and I saw your card. Very beautiful and Scopje is a lovely city. Many thanks to you!