Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Krynica, Poland

Ive found out, that just as in Macedonia, those traditional map cards cant be found in Poland either. I really wonder why some countries have plenty of different map cards...while some have none...

Well, this may not be a regular map card, but it IS a map card of some kind and i like it is in the shape of Poland...good that i received this card in an envelope, otherwise i doubt it would have retained its original shape without any damage.

On the pictures you can see some spots in the town of Krynica.
It is a town in southern Poland, inhabited by 11,000 people. It is the biggest spa town in Poland, called The Pearl of Polish Spas.
It was first recorded in 1547 and became a town in 1889.

Im off to the store, to see if they have any Bounty Bars...

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