Monday, September 29, 2008

Kitty (02)

Sick and tired of my cat postcards and profile avatars? Well...sorry...but i cant help them...and especially not THIS one...its just sooooooooooooooooooooooooo damn adorable!!

I could cuddle and squeeze and torture of hugging this kitty...its just sooo sooo sooo cute...its hair feels sooo fluffy and tender...its paws are just sooo cute, and its blue eyes make it more adorable than it already is!

Really...if i had this one in front of me, i would play with it and cuddle it all day long...or until it gets tired of me...and for some reason i think the latter would happen MUCH sooner :)

but its just soo soo soo adorable! one of the most adorable cat-postcards i have so far...thank you Lucie for this card!

in case you are not sick of my cat-ranting and are interested into much more, there is a nice link, which will provide you with further information, pictures, contests and whatsoever not, regarding cats....hope at least someone finds it useful :)

All About Cats

Tomorrow is a National Holiday, so the postman is gonna have a break from me, but i have a lot of pending cards to show, so no break for me and my hopefully, see you tomorrow ;-)

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