Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ohrid, Macedonia

And the final card for today comes from my own Macedonia :)

A friend of mine went there for holidays and of course, i bugged her to send me a card (as i always annoy people when they go somewhere :P)
Believe it or not, the card took 6 days to arrive from Ohrid to Skopje.....the efficiency of the postal service is really amazing me sometimes!
Well, what i like is that i dont have this card in my collection, netiher ive seen it in the stores around here, so its a Bingo! :)

Свети Пантелејмон (St. Panteleimon in English) is a monastery in Ohrid, situated on Plaošnik. (just for the record, there are several monasteries here, names as St. Panteleimon).
This one here is attributed to Clement of Ohrid a disciple of St. Cyril and St. Methodius and is believed to be the first University in Europe. Archaeologists believe that the monastery was a place where the first students of the Glagolithic alphabet were taught.

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