Saturday, July 26, 2008

Imola, Italy

My very first F1 circuit card!!!!!!!!!! And I have it thanks to Roberta in Italy, who actually lives in Imola! How cool!

It feels awkward to actually see the circuit used to seeing it with the garages built up, with lots of people, cars, equipment etc etc.....and this is how it actually looks like when there is no race....thats the pit lane you can see on the card, where apart from where the garages are, the cars enter to add fuel, to change tyres or any other part if necessary, or in worst cases, to have a drive-through penalty, or end their race..

The name of the circuit in Imola is "Enzo e Dino Ferrari", named after Ferrari's late founder Enzo and his son Dino. It hosts the Grand Prix of San Marino, since San Marino is nearby and is too small to host an F1 least thats what the official excuse is :)

Unfortunately, the last race here was held in 2007 and 2008 werent on the calendar, but i hope, after all the imrovements they do, esp. regarding security, the races will get back there...the last one to win here was Michael Schumacher.

Some severe accidents have happened here, among which in one, the legendary Ayrton Senna died in 1994.

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