Saturday, June 28, 2008

South Carolina, USA

I have two map cards to show off with today...yup, thats right, map cards!!!! Still havent been able to figure out why exactly i have developed such a fondness for map cards... I guess it may be coz of the fact that they go astray from regular cards, yet they are related to the place they addition, one thing i as well love about them is the ability to get creative in their production. Some can be regarded as cute coz of the kind of drawings, some can be classified as humorous, some as cynical, some as historic.....either way, they all require a greater or lesser level of imagination on how to represent your area/town/state/country through one of those map cards and how to best convey the messages and ideas to the world....hence i love them...

This one here represents the state of South Carolina in the USA. On the map you can see some particular spots and things which are significant for that part of the state. You can see the rivers and the lakes and the numbers of the main roads.

The state itself has two mottos:
- Prepared in mind and resources
- While I breathe, I hope

I like them both, esp. the second one, coz i find it to be terribly true for me, despite my way of seeing life quite often, as if things are hopeless....its the hope which always pushes me forwards and eases things when they get really tough.....its the hope which always dies last.

thanks a zillion-million to Gaby for sending me a map card!!! :D


Gabby Girl said...

Aww, look, it's my card. Heh. :)

Gail T. said...

i like that second motto, too. it's making my heart topsy-turvy... in a nice way. whoo-hee.