Friday, May 30, 2008

Catching Up

Im taking a break from work....ive got so busy with work and all, that i just havent had the right time to post some cards, even though i have things for this very hot weather has made feel really lazy and sleepy in general....
so now im getting left behind and i fear if im gonna be able to catch up :)
I did start some time ago to update the oldest posts here, but right now unfortunately time has been so scarce that i just cant dedicate the proper attention to this, and frankly, i dont want to do it just feels nice when i manage to compose a proper post about a card, so i really dont want to do this superficially...its just that all this busyness will last until some time next week, but i hope to sneak in a certain postcard somewhere in between, while im taking a break or just get fed up with now :)))
I have received a few new countries also these days, some really really nice cards, so i hopefully will be able to show them around soon....and im relieved to see my cards are reaching their destinations...though not all yet :/

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